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Tom Frank, one of the original founders of PF Chang's, has dedicated his career as a thought leader in the hospitality industry to helping restaurants and other companies to become the employer of choice by creating a place where their employees can come to work every day and feel good about themselves. As a “Culture Engineer” and “Modern Elder” Tom works with local and national companies to create a “better world” for their teams.  Tom develops owners, leaders, and managers by helping them connect to represent the principles and belief systems that are foundational to building a dynamic culture of success, growth and profitability. Tom@roundworldmanagement.com

PJ Spielman began his impactful work as the Director of Culture for the amazingly popular Dallas landmark restaurant group, Babe’s Chicken Dinner House, Bubba’s Cooks Country Kitchen, and Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes.  With 14 restaurants in the Dallas area, PJ plays a key role working with the Vinyard Family in inspiring and disseminating their Christian values, their proven systems, processes, and strategies for success.  PJ works with the more than 100 managers and more than a thousand servers, hosts, cooks, cashiers and dishwashers to make them feel essential every day! PJS@babeschicken.com

Jon Flor, art director and creative director of Dave's Great Ad Shop, works his magic to capture the imaginations of customers and clients alike through his brilliant marketing genius and delightful graphic artwork.  For many years, Tom and Jon have worked together to create extraordinary Culture Enrollment Platforms to deliver meaningfulness and purpose to restaurant employees around the country.  His talent and imagination is boundless and his commitment to creating a compelling message is powerful. As one of the founders of the “I’M ESSENTIAL PROJECT” Jon’s contribution is key to keeping the movement alive.  JonFlor@earthlink.net

Tom Therrien began working in pre-press lithography at a local print shop at age 15. The art and precision of printing fascinated him, and it became the perfect complement to his other passions: graphic arts and woodworking.

Over time, Tom moved into sales and worked his way through college, studying Economics at the University of Minnesota. Clients appreciated his branding expertise, common-sense solutions and honest approach. In 2011, Tom took his print career to the next level, becoming owner of GO2 Print Media Group and leader of the GO2 team.

Tom resides in the western suburbs of Minneapolis with his wife, Angela, three children and two chocolate labs. He has leveraged his love of woodworking and of Minnesota’s majestic outdoors in the log cabin he and his friends hand-built for his family in northern Minnesota and the self-designed, rustic architecture of GO2’s corporate headquarters in Medina, Minnesota. Stop by the GO2 office and say hi!  tom@go2printmediagroup.com

Chryssandra Maestas is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of Media Power Haus, a multimedia creative marketing agency. She designs customized marketing strategies to reach the clients target audience that produce measurable results to build the clients brand recognition and gain traffic.  She is hyper-focused on helping small businesses. Chryssandra has helped numerous clients take their businesses from ground zero and turning those businesses into profitable organizations. Her biggest achievement is watching her clients succeed along the way. She has worked with many niches but, she especially loves the restaurant industry. She loves having a one-on-one relationship with business owners and getting to know what makes their businesses tick and hearing the backstory and sharing that online. She is incredibly involved in charity work throughout Arizona and New Mexico from working with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Sojourners Center, Banner University Medical Center, HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center, and Habitat for Humanity. She also works as a mentor to many other aspiring marketing entrepreneurs to be a source of information and beacon of hope by providing guidance and direction to help them achieve their dreams too.